What are the technical specifications of the 2012 Toyota Camry V50?

What are the technical specifications of the 2012 Toyota Camry V50?

In 2012, the seventh generation Toyota Camry V50 made its debut. The sixth model proved to be the most successful in the Camry lineup, so the "successor" should have been given a lot of attention - to hold its position in the E class. Such a respected company as Toyota, has its own opinion about how to create cars. The new model is technically different from its competitors, but as before, the Japanese rely on reliability and durability. It is noteworthy that the new model with the index V50 sold primarily in the U.S., namely, states - the main market for large, Japanese car, but officially Japanese car you can buy in Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The model, which is unusually popular in the CIS countries, is not delivered to Europe since 2003. If you look at the lineup of power units, it becomes clear, the Japanese are not planning to introduce a new sedan to the European market, Japanese engines for the majority of practical Europeans will be too voluminous.



The exterior of the 2012 Toyota Camry B50 was created and oriented mainly for Americans. That is why the new car has so much chrome.

 Toyota Camry 2012In terms of massiveness, Camry's grille, which is covered in chrome, is not inferior to the models of a more prestigious brand - Lexus. It's worth noting that the Camry has something similar in appearance to the Lexus ES. At the front of the car, chrome is present not only on the grille, but it is covered with special cells, which are inserted in the headlights extra light in the bumper. The bumper also deserves a separate mention. The lower edge of the bumper plays on aerodynamics and diverts air flows to the side, away from the car. The hood lid is very massive, it has a notch above the engine block, above the wheels the hood line is not so high.


The side of the car is decorated with a chrome "girdle" on the sill, as well as chrome handles. The rear stops are very massive. There is a chrome strip between the stops, which serves as a visor for the license plate. Summing up the appearance of the new Camry, it is worth noting that it is more massive, monumental, but not as elegant as the last-generation model. The Camry's optics lack running lights and LEDs; the lighting is traditional.




Opening the door, getting in the car and closing the door behind itself, you want to enjoy the chrome plaque on the threshold with the inscription Camry, soft sound of closing the door also brings pleasure and speaks of good noise isolation of the car. The driver's seat is a little bit wide and almost deprived of side support. But the seat itself and the steering wheel have electric adjustments in a very wide range. The seat adjustment buttons are located at the base of the seat, under the left hand. The seats are equipped with a lumbar support function. The steering wheel adjustment controls are located on the left side, under the steering wheel.

 Toyota Camry 2012The sedan engine is started by pressing the button on the right side of the steering wheel. The top sedan is equipped with a three-zone climate control with Panasonic air ionizer. Humidifier is used on Camry for the first time, although competitors have previously offered this option on their E-class models.


In all modifications, Camry is equipped with a radio with a touch screen display, but in the expensive car is equipped with a navigation system, the image of which is shown on the above-described display. Representatives of Toyota say that a lot of work has been done to overcome extraneous noise. The front pillars and doors have received additional noise insulation. The windows are now multi-layered, made with noise-canceling technology. Double door seals also contribute to noise isolation. The wheelbase is the same as in the previous generation, but there is more space in the cabin.


Particular attention was paid to the seating in the rear seats. The space for the rear passengers has been increased by slightly shifting the front seats forward, so the driver could sit comfortably at the wheel, while his seat was shifted, the pedal assembly had to be completely redesigned. Roof lining over the heads of those sitting in the back has received a concave shape - it increases the space above the head. The backrests of the front seats have also changed their shape, now their back part is a bit concave - it gives more space for the legs of rear passengers. Due to all these changes, the rear passengers get an extra 5cm for their legs and 3.5cm over their heads.


In the expensive version, controls for climate control, audio system and electrically operated rear curtains are located on the second-row armrest. Depending on the configuration, the Camry is equipped with six to nine airbags. The trunk volume is 483 liters, which is quite enough.

Technical specifications of the 2012 Toyota Camry V50


For Toyota Camry V50 2012 offered only an atmospheric, gasoline engines. Despite the general fashion to reduce engine displacement and install a turbocharger, Japanese automaker has remained faithful to the more reliable, atmospheric engine. The first engine gives 180 horsepower at volume of 2.5 liters, the volume of the second engine is declared as 3.5, but in fact V6 has a volume of 3,150 cubic meters and its capacity is 277 horsepower. Drive can only be front-wheel drive, and the transmission is exclusively automatic with six speeds. It is worth noting that in manual mode the gearbox lever is too close to the foot - this may not appeal to some drivers. Let's consider the technical characteristics of the sedan in the V50 body.




Engine: gasoline

Volume: 2494 3150

Power: 181hp 277hp

Torque: 231N.M 346N.M

Fuel Consumption -mixed cycle: 7.8L 9.3L


Performance characteristics:


0-100km acceleration: 9.0s 7.1s

Maximal speed: 210km 210km (limited by electronics)

Body: sedan

Dimensions: 4825mm 1825mm 1480mm

Wheelbase: 2775mm

Ground clearance: 160mm

Curb weight: 1435 kg 1465 kg


The new model is built on the same chassis as a large crossover Highlander. Independent McPherson suspension is used both in front and rear. Practice shows that the Camry has a very "strong" running gear. The steering is equipped with an electric booster, and in tight turns the driver ceases to feel the steering wheel. The stabilizer bar is thicker than in the previous model. Nevertheless, the car is not set up for fast cornering, but the top-end engine gives the light sedan sports car-like dynamics. We should say that seventh generation Camry is 40 kg lighter than its predecessor.


Price of 2012 Toyota Camry V50


The most affordable Toyota Camry V50 in the "Comfort" configuration can be bought for from $16300. Comfort package is equipped with ABS, six airbags, rain sensors, audio system with six speakers. The Comfort version has door handles painted in body color. The most expensive deluxe package costs $23400. The luxury version is equipped with the most powerful V6 motor, cruise control, nine airbags, navigation system, and chrome door handles.

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