Toyota Camry V40 (Toyota Camry 40) rear and front view camera

Toyota Camry V40 (Toyota Camry 40) rear and front view camera

A rear-view camera significantly helps the driver when parking and at times when there is a risk of damaging the bumper by hitting an obstacle.

One of the benefits of installing a camera on the Camry 40 is the ability to retain the number plate illumination.

In order to install a rear view camera on the Camry 40 the following tools are listed in the table below.

Toyota Camry V40 (Toyota Camry 40) rear and front view camera

The head unit which was installed on the initial set of Camry 40 can't satisfy the needs of the modern man, it doesn't give him the usual opportunities which became a part of his leisure time. Rich kitting after restyling in 2009. Prestige, Luxe were equipped with boombox with navigation and rear view camera, but even this variant of GUI is significantly inferior in its functionality to boomboxes available today.

"Camry V40 original boombox often fails to read discs due to a disc stuck in CD changer. To repair your Camry V40 head unit, you'll need to remove and disassemble it.

There are several ways to extend functionality of a head unit: connection of usb adapter and replacement of a radio-recorder. Both variants stipulate removal of Camry V40 head unit, that's why we'll tell you how to do it in detail.

To remove your Camry 40 OEM head unit you'll need a Phillips screwdriver and a 10mm socket spanner. Be sure to disconnect the battery before removing the head unit. Firstly, unscrew the automatic transmission knob, unscrew it anticlockwise. Then the plastic side covers are removed, just pull them towards yourself, they are fastened with clips.

In the same way the panel where seat heating and cigarette lighter are detached, their connectors are disconnected after unscrewing clips. Before dismantling this console, open the armrest so that it does not get in the way.

Removed automatic transmission knob console Camry 40

Toyota Camry V40 (Toyota Camry 40) rear and front view camera

To separate the climate unit and the radio, connected together by a metal frame, you need to unscrew 6 bolts (3 on each side). This can be done with a screwdriver or 8mm wrench.

Assembly is performed in reverse order.

Repair of original car radio

These screws of Camry V40 head unit must be unscrewed

If Camry V40 head unit does not accept discs, using "Load" and "Eject" buttons doesn't bring desired result, discs are most likely stuck in CD changer. There is no need to hurry and go to an electrician, you can cope with such a fault yourself. First remove the CD changer and disconnect it from the climate unit as described above.

Then in the upper part unscrew 1 screw on each side, the upper metal cover will be removed by lifting it with a screwdriver.

Toyota Camry V40 (Toyota Camry 40) rear and front view camera

Camry 40 CD Changer Plates

Discs are removed very carefully so as not to break the plates on which the discs lie. Once removed, the plates must be inserted into the slots. Take your time to reassemble the CD changer, before fitting it, be sure to test it by connecting it to the car, inserting and removing all 6 discs.

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Congratulations you have fixed the car without spending a penny!

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Toyota Camry V40 (Toyota Camry 40) rear and front view camera

Pros and cons of camera on the Toyota Camry

The main advantage of a video camera is an increased angle of view. Modern models are able to provide an indicator from 130 degrees, which is enough to correctly assess the road situation.

In order not to confuse the driver while driving, the manufacturers provide for mirroring of all the items behind. So everything will be shown on the screen as conveniently as possible.

Not without disadvantages, which in this case are represented by difficulties in use at night. The standard models are simply not adapted for night-time use. But an infrared camera can always be found which won't be hindered by darkness. But such a device will cost a lot more.

Camry 40 with Tesla-style head unit

Replacing the original Camry radio is the desire of motorists who lack the functionality of the "native" head unit. Installing a USB MP3 adapter offers a few handy features, but does not solve the problem completely. Therefore, the only option is to install another entertainment system.

Before you purchase a new car stereo for your Toyota Camry, you need to understand what features you require. If you only need audio playback from a flash drive or a phone, then installing a USB adapter is sufficient, but if you want to watch videos, surf the Internet or need navigation, then replacing the head unit is the only option.

One of the main characteristics of a car radio is its processor performance, don't rush to buy a head unit based on the principle: "The more cores the cooler!" This is not always the case. Second most important aspect is RAM capacity, 2-4Gb will be quite enough for car radio. Screen size and resolution are the next criteria.

Car radio for the Camry 40 with a not large display

There are Tesla-style entertainment systems for the Camry with a 12.1in monitor diagonal, which look spectacular and provide the owner with a huge list of features. But a Tesla-style head unit in the Camry 40 will look out of place and won't come cheap either. The antipode of such a GUI is an entertainment system with a small 7-inch display, which looks almost identical to the "native" radio.

The advantages of head units for Toyota Camry with Android operating system are:

high performance, i.e. quick start and immediate response to commands,

playback of all possible audio formats,

good screen resolution,

Bluetooth, USB and AUX,

ability to connect to wireless internet (3/4G),

good sound quality of played audio files,

Installation of the applications available for the Android OS,

Toyota Camry V40 (Toyota Camry 40) rear and front view camera

synchronisation with your phone, if it is also Android.

You may not need a pinout for your Toyota Camry V40, if you buy a good entertainment system, it will have plugs identical to the stock head unit.

Features USB adapters for

Constantly recording music, audio books for listening in the car to discs is not convenient. It's easier to use a flash drive and a phone, but Camry V40's "native" multimedia system doesn't have these functions, so car owners install USB adapters.

USB adapter (don't take it as an advertisement)

USB adapter socket in Camry 40

12-pin USB adapter socket

USB and AUX cords are preferably pulled into the glove compartment to the furthest opening, because the glovebox rails move closer. To use a USB stick in your car, you need to format it to FAT32, create folders CD1, CD2, etc., and write music in MP3, WMA, AAC format into them. (The number of CD... folders to be played depends only on the head unit, how many discs it is designed for). Switching between OEM head unit and adaptor is done by pressing the "DISC" button. Folder switching on the USB stick is similar to switching of discs in a CD changer.

The advantages of using an MP3 USB adapter are as follows:

The ability to play a large number of songs,

Up to 100 tracks can be stored in each folder,

The last track played is stored,

When starting a song, the song plays from the point at which it was paused,

AUX allows you to play audio files from any device with a headphone jack.

Versions of the RCDs for Toyota

There is a wide variety of these products on sale, and drivers sometimes find it difficult to make an educated choice. Let us consider the basic types:

OEM and universal products: the former are used for certain car groups, while the latter will fit any type of car.

In terms of image quality, there is a classification according to resolution, day and night colour and viewing angle (120-180°).

A differentiation is made according to whether the rear-view camera is installed in the body or whether the device is mounted in the boot by means of the elements.

Thus, the rear-view camera in the Toyota Camry V40 can be of several types.

Camera functions on the Toyota Camry

A rear-view camera helps motorists while parking, alerting them in time to the possibility of damaging the bumper. It can be attached to Camry with a number plate illumination system, which is not always possible with other cars.

The rear-view mirror system is a key aid for the driver when parking. It allows the driver to assess the situation behind the car without unnecessary movements and, if necessary, to correct the movement when reversing. A correctly installed rear-view camera is, however, a much more effective option.

The camera image can be displayed on a separate screen or occupy a part of the standard rear-view mirror.

The reasons for choosing a camera are as follows

mirrors offer too small an angle of view;

there are too many blind spots;

mirrors may be simply useless if the rear window is tinted, there is a passenger in the middle seat or there are a large number of items on the luggage compartment shelf.

When reversing out of a parking space, you can easily see approaching objects behind other cars; mirrors are not helpful in this case.

Installation steps

To mount the unit on a Toyota Camry V50 or other vehicles such as the Camry 40, perform a number of installation steps in sequence:

De-energise the electrical system and remove the battery terminal from the battery mechanism.

Fit the camera correctly in its intended location.

Use a drill to drill a hole in the luggage compartment cover which will then be used for routing the cables.

To prevent corrosion of the metal edges, treat them with a suitable anti-corrosion agent.

Then on Camry V40 and other cars of similar kind install video cable up to the place where monitor is located.

At this stage you need to pull wires to the connected device using selected method. You can use bulkhead and tunnel trim in the centre for careful wiring.

Install monitor unit and connect plugs into it.

Carry out connection of negative terminal to battery and check if all steps are completed correctly.

The last step is to set up the camera and check if it operates correctly.

Procedure of rear view camera installation

The most suitable for installation on Toyota Camry 40 are rear-view cameras, which are installed instead of the regular illumination of the number plate. The advantage of this installation is the ease of mounting and the ability to quickly dismantle it if the car needs to be sold.


Rear view camera, which is mounted instead of original number plate lighting

Some car owners buy cameras for installation from restyled versions of Camry 40. There are several complicating factors for installation:

The need to change the plate with the "Toyota" sign, with the fact that its cost starts from 2000 rubles;

The chrome plaque does not always fit in the design of the car, so it is subject to repainting, which is also not cheap.


Camera with a restyled Camry 40

Buy a camera for the Toyota Camry 40 at Car Engineering

Depending on your wishes and needs, you can buy a standard type of camera with a CMOS sensor, an improved and modified version, or a camera with built-in washers. In addition, our specialists can qualitatively install the front camera in your Camry 40 and in the shortest possible time.

It's worth mentioning that the camera comes with special accessories including special video and power cables, detailed user manual and warranty card valid for 2 years. Buying camera in our shop is a very good and practical solution for all owners of this model of car.

Buying the camera in our shop is a very optimal and practical solution for all owners of this model of car.

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