Varieties of generators for Toyota Camry

Varieties of generators for Toyota Camry

Generators on the Camry

Toyota Camry 40 vehicles (generations) are equipped with a specific type of engine. Accordingly, depending on which engine is fitted to the car, the choice of alternator will differ. Camry, wheeling the expanse of domestic roads are usually equipped with two types of engines, these are:

2.4 litre engine, model (2AZ-FE),

3.5 litre engine (V6), the model (2GR-FE).

Varieties of generators for Toyota Camry

The other modifications are not so common on domestic market and are not in great demand among motorists. So let us focus on these popular models.

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For engines with a displacement of 2.4 litres, the following alternators are designed:

alternator original Toyota (part number - 2706028321), price of new part - from 28t.r used parts - from 5-8t.r depending on condition,

Denso alternator (part number - DAN952), price of new part - from 10,5 t.p., used parts - from 3-4 t.p. depending on the condition,

Nipparts alternator (part number N5112116), part price - from 8t.r,

alternator JapanParts (part number - ALT917), price of a detail - from 8t.r.

Signs of trouble

Now Camry 30 is losing interest from the side of consumers. And not so many owners of Toyota Camry 50 (7-th generation) yet. And most of them, so as not to take chances, prefer to be serviced at service centres.

There is enough information about Camry 40 to master a whole range of repair-renovation works, which you can do on your own. The alternator is not the most complex device. That said, the Toyota is capable of signalling independently that a fault has occurred in the unit in question.

Often, the system malfunctions are indicated by indirect signs. It is not necessary to open the bonnet to detect them. If the alternator is not giving the right charge and is unable to fully supply the electrical system, this will be noticeable when the engine is running. The headlights do not shine as brightly and the battery is permanently undercharged. The multimedia system and other consumers may be disconnected.

If the heater or air conditioning is activated while the car is running, the engine speed may drop considerably. And in some cases it results in machine stalling.

Another peculiarity. The problems described above may disappear once revs are raised above 2000 rpm.

Battery warning light on dashboard

Battery light on dashboard

Another indication is that the indicator lamp with battery icon on the instrument panel is hot. If it illuminates and does not go out, or flashes when the engine is running, there is a problem with this unit.

Also bear in mind that when the belt is worn or stretched, a characteristic whistling noise begins to emanate from under the bonnet.

How to change the belt in the Camry

The replacement of the timing belt must be done as part of the maintenance of the Camry. This rule is true for all cars, regardless of year of manufacture, manufacturer, operating conditions.

Alternator and belt on Toyota Camry 40: how to remove, replace

Location of the accessory drives (belt) on the Toyota Camry

To change the belt on the Camry, there is no need to go to a service centre at all - the car owner can easily do it himself. But if the Camry is under warranty, it is necessary to resort to the services of an authorized service - otherwise the car will be removed from service.

To begin with, it's necessary to clarify why this procedure is so important. Over time, the belts will elongate, causing them to slip on the pulleys. This leads to inefficient operation of the attachment, which translates into the following:

A loose alternator tensioning causes insufficient current output, which discharges the battery;

Insufficiently tensioned steering linkage leads to heavier steering wheel which leads to poor steering response;

weak drive of air conditioner compressor. This fault results in inefficient operation of climate control system.

Before changing a belt on a Toyota Camry, you must check its tension. It is quite possible that it has simply stretched out, but not worn out. In this case, it is sufficient to tighten it following the instructions in the owner's manual.

Alternator and belt on the Toyota Camry 40: how to remove, replace

Worn belt on Toyota Camry to be replaced

Varieties of generators for Toyota Camry

When adjusting the drive it is extremely important not to overtighten it. This will lead to destruction of the accessory bearing or damage to the belt itself.

The tensioning torque can also be obtained from the Toyota Camry repair and operating instructions.

How to remove the alternator on a Toyota Camry

24 Jul

How to Remove an Alternator on Camry

On most Toyota Camry vehicles, removing the alternator is not too difficult. How to remove the front bumper on Niva Chevrolet: video, photo Except for versions with 3.5-liter engines - the location of outboard equipment in them is not convenient, and to access it or to remove it sometimes you have to sweat a lot.

Forties and Pentecostals with 2.4-liter and 3.5-liter motors are equipped with 150A equipment, the main problem of which is breakdown of overrunning clutch.

heater radiator cleaning.

How to remove the heater radiator on an Peugeot 308 Article on the site ©avto The Camry 30 is not so productive equipment, and usually a precondition for its failure is deterioration of brushes.

Signs of equipment failure

The main sign by which you can find a malfunctioning electric generator is the constantly blazing charging lamp on the dashboard. In this video, I detail how to remove the airbag and steering wheel on a Renault Logan.

Rs Center-Vostok offers remanufactured Toyota Camry alternator for cars from 2006 - 2011 V40 2.4 litre body by Denso. Refurbishment of the windshield blower on the Toyota Corolla 150.

How to remove the back seat Toyota How to remove the front bumper on a Chevy Cruze: photo and video Not counting this, you can highlight the very dim headlight, not increasing with increasing engine speeds and the constant discharge of the battery.

Since in "forties" and "fifties" access to the outboard is somewhat difficult, before removing the alternator from a Toyota Camry 40 or 50 it is recommended to check its performance. It can be done in the following way:

But it's also advisable to check the integrity of the power fuse - it's located in the underhood unit. After having bought a VAZ spray to remove the intake manifold and clean If the fuse fails, the battery also fails to charge.

There are several main reasons for the failure of the electric alternator on the Camry:

Weak tension in the drive belt.

This causes it to slip on the pulleys, resulting in the driven shaft not gaining sufficient speed for stable operation. Any internal combustion engine is required to run on the intake How to remove and And before

remove the alternator from a Toyota Camry 30, 40 or 50, be sure to check the belt tension - it just might be weak, and further work on removing/installing the equipment will be pointless.

Brush wear.

Special graphite brushes are responsible for transferring voltage from the contact plates to the charging relay. As graphite is a very soft, pliable material and will wear out over time, this will cause the equipment to fail. How to remove the door trim on your Kia Rio yourself in 3 minutes. Detailed description of the door trim removal process step by step with examples and video. In order to remove the alternator on a Renault Logan 1.6, you'll need to do some preparatory work beforehand. Hello, have Camry v 40 167 hp appeared noise in the area of the generator (at first, only in the cold), and the pulley of the generator at the sight of seen that vibrates, I want with their own forces to try to remove the Depending on the model of electrical equipment, the price of duplicates of these brushes starts at 10 usd . On virtually all models of Camry, their replacement is possible without removing the alternator itself, with one exception - you'll still have to

to remove an alternator on a Camry with a 3.5 litre engine.

Failure of the charging relay.

In Japanese cars, the relay of charge is built directly in the device, and in the environment of car-repairers, it is called "chocolate". How to remove a headlamp on a Ford Focus 2: Instruction & Video! Megan 2, removing the starter and into Common Rail repair, How to remove the starter, Renault Sample on Alternator and belt on Toyota Camry 40: how to remove, Its failure can lead to both a complete failure of the electrical generator and a change in the output current rating. If it is lowered, the battery will be permanently discharged, if it is exceeded - its overcharge, also the probability of failure of electrical equipment is high.

Overrunning clutch malfunction

. It is necessary to prevent transmission of torque between the shafts when the driven shaft exceeds rotational speed. How to remove the bumper from Chevrolet Cruze + video. How to remove the front bumper on the Chevrolet Cruze The clutch is fitted on the latest and penultimate versions of the car. It's worth bearing in mind that before

how to remove an alternator pulley from a Camry Asv 40 and 50 equipped with an overrunning clutch, a special wrench must be available.

Alternators used

Now directly about the generating device itself, which is placed under the bonnet of the Toyota Camry 6 generation sedan (XV40).

In EU, this car is mainly found with gasoline engines for 2.4 and 3.5 litres. The other modifications are very rare, and are not in much demand.

Alternator on Toyota Camry

It is generally accepted that it is always best to use original spare parts. This is a moot point. But if you refuse the idea of an expensive original, get a good quality analogue instead.

The alternator for the 2.4 litre internal combustion engine. This is a Toyota marked unit. The item number is 2706028321. For a new unit they ask from 1000 usd. Used one can be found for 200 usd .

Alternator for the version with a 3.5 litre engine. For this configuration must look for the original catalog number (art. number) 270600P141. The minimum price is from 1100 dollars . On the secondary market they are sold for 200 usd . Although the condition is sometimes at the limit of wear.

The price is quite high. Because of this, car owners tend to find cheaper analogues.

Here, it is worth considering the products of such brands:






The most expensive are alternators from Bosch, but they are of the same quality as the original. They will cost the buyer between 200 dollars.

The others are slightly cheaper and are sold in the price range of 350 usd .

Which of these to choose, each car owner will decide for himself.

Repair of an alternator of Toyota Camry

The alternator is one of the most important parts of the car. If the low battery light on the dashboard of your Camry V40 2.4 suddenly lights up or it starts making unpleasant sounds and noise, you need to check its functionality and if necessary make a replacement or repair parts.

Alternator and brush replacement

Removing the system is an affair that should be approached with caution so as not to damage the car. The list of tools is short - the brush itself (a new one) and a full set of heads.

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First, you need to open the bonnet and find the right part. Process:

Disconnect all wiring. The nut should be twisted, it is hidden behind the plastic insert;

The required wire is mounted on a special clip. It must be carefully disconnected from the main part;

the connector for the valve must also be disconnected;

Then all other nuts and fasteners which fix installation should be unscrewed. The fastening bolt, which can be seen on the bar which is responsible for the battery tension, must be unscrewed;

the whole bar is also fastened by means of a nut, it must be unscrewed;

SRS sensor is located opposite the bolt which is difficult to reach, it is better to detach it together with the retainer (2 bolts);

It remains to carry out the removal of the alternator, now you can just pull it up, there is nothing else securing it.


Next you need to disassemble the part itself to replace the alternator brushes. Process:

Remove the cover. Unscrew the three top nuts and one side nut;

the brush is now visible;

unscrew the bolts marked in red;

green marked those fasteners which also need to be unscrewed. They are all difficult to unscrew, so it is recommended that you treat them with a little WD and then start;

turn the alternator around on the reverse side. There should be a pulley and a large nut inside. This also needs to be unscrewed;

carefully pull it apart in two pieces (if the axles or alternator bearing need to be replaced);


Assembly is much easier, do everything in reverse order. The noise should disappear if the cause is eliminated.

It's important to ensure that the brushes you buy are suitable for the car. The standard car and the extended car with more extras have different alternator capacities.

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