Toyota Camry XV50 or Mazda 6 III which should I choose?

Toyota Camry XV50 or Mazda 6 III which should I choose?

These large sedans are quite common and in demand, nowadays, in the aftermarket. In principle, this is not surprising, as both were once sales leaders, have Japanese roots and a wide fan base. In addition, used Mazda and Toyota are generally renowned for their high level of liquidity and are being looked at with interest, in all seriousness. But which is the preferred choice? By and large, the choice is not the easiest, and there are reasons for that. But I will try to explain which model is preferable in order to avoid disappointment in the future.

Toyota Camry XV50 or Mazda 6 III which should I choose?

So, it is noteworthy that both Mazda 6 III and Toyota Camry XV50 on sale appeared in 2012 year - on market. While in a couple of years both cars have been restyled. But we will not consider reformed models, because we will not be able to keep the price. Optimally, a restyling at a price up to 1.4 million rubles would be optimal. Certainly, these will be quite old cars, and their mileage will not be the smallest. On the other hand, who stops it?

Mazda 6.

Anyway, judging from liquidity, people are not afraid of big figures on the odometer and willingly buy such cars. Therefore we shall omit this topic. And now, let us get closer to the matter - what car is better to choose at secondary market?

Probably, the answer to this question demands a complex approach and I would like to start with Mazda 6. It looks aggressive enough, however it is not deprived of harmony and severity. It is suitable for both a man and a woman steering a "six", and of different ages. If to touch upon more practical moments it is necessary to mention that lacquer covering keeps its saturation for a long time and body metal will not rot. Therefore, it is not surprising that this car adequately passes the test of time.

Interior, here, yes, looks already a little archaic - no matter if OEM audio or multimedia systems are installed. But the third-party 2DINs are capable to correct the situation and to make the interior more cosy. Though, one can't fault quality of trimming materials - they are poorly worn out with time, and ergonomics cannot be called otherwise than exemplary.

Toyota Camry XV50 or Mazda 6 III which should I choose?

Interior is laconic.

On a choice there are two petrol motors - 2,0 and 2,5 litres which belong to the family SkyActiv. They give the sedan good acceleration, while being reliable enough. But the basic high compression ratio (14 to 1) imposes certain obligations on the owner, forcing to choose only high-quality fuel and oil, otherwise the fuel system can protest.

There are no special questions to the gearboxes either - they are six-speed manual or automatic. They are rather solid and withstand an overload. The main thing is to service them in time and then you will not have problems.

Well, the running gear serves properly with an interval of 160-200 thousand kilometres. And it is worth considering that these results can be achieved while driving, even on non-ideal roads.

Toyota Camry XV50 or Mazda 6 III which should I choose?

Toyota Camry.

Well, now, there comes a turn of Toyota Camry XV50. This car has even more authority in Europe , than Mazda 6. On the other hand, as to me, before a restyling Camry is a car purely for the amateur, if to speak about external data of the model. Let's say, too much "Asianness" in this image and much quantity of chrome elements. But the worst is that all these shiny things grow dull with time and fade, giving not fashionable look to the car. As for corrosion, the most problematic places are a boot lid and a roof, as they lack zinc plating and will "fade" with time. It is not critical, nevertheless, it is stressful.

The interior of Camry is like a business office. Everything is strict enough, thus there is a trimming under wood which as though gives solidity. Materials of trimming are a little bit simple - rough leather upholstery and plastic of panels. On the other hand, the same leather does not submit to mechanical damages for a long time and may be kept in good condition even with mileages under 300 thousand kilometres.

One can feel business atmosphere in the interior.

Up to 20,000 USD, a Toyota Camry may be chosen with one of two petrol motors - 2,0 or 2,5 litres. Basically, the base power unit will be suitable only for very leisurely drive, but the aggregate with more powerful engine may be considered as a universal variant. However the problems are the same - weak water pump, capricious VVTi clutch and timing chains which need periodic diagnostics for stretching.

The automatic transmissions are the 4ACPP and 6ACPP. The former is an archaic node, but extremely strong and enduring. Serves without problems. It is possible to tell about six-gear variant so - do not overheat, and then, we do not know problems.

Well, Camry's suspension has more than once proved its unpretentiousness and survivability while driving on roads. As a whole, it can serve 200, and 220 thousand kilometres without overhaul. Therefore it is not necessary to complain of it, except that steerability at Camry is simply no - the car, strictly, for unhurried movement.

But what to tell in the result? As for me, the Mazda 6 seems more optimum choice - in all articles. The Toyota Camry is a little bit overpriced, but I can't really call it a bad car either. My personal choice is the more balanced Mazda, what do you think?

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