Toyota Camry vs Toyota RAV4: description, differences and which is better?

Toyota Camry vs Toyota RAV4: description, differences and which is better?

When choosing between the Toyota Camry and RAV 4, many motorists are faced with the question, "Which is better?" To deal with this problem, it is necessary to understand for what purposes the car will be used, and in what conditions it will be operated. The two cars in question are similar in terms of price segment and country of manufacture.

Features of the Toyota Camry

The undoubted plus in the considered car is the generosity of even the most minimal equipment. Alloy wheels, heated front seats, alarm system, parking sensor - all this provides the basic equipment of the car. Also the Camry has airbags and ESP. Interior can be optionally spiced up with electronic seats and leather. Toyota windshield is equipped with heating function. The engine starts with a button. Glamorous diode stripe pleases the eye.

Toyota Camry vs Toyota RAV4The Camry's engine varies in displacement depending on the configuration. In the basic range it is 2.5 liters, but it is not enough for such a powerful car. There are also 3-liter engines, but they cost 200-300 thousand more.

Respectability of Toyota Camry may be the envy of many business cars. Glasses are slightly tinted, chrome stripes on a radiator grill and doors, unobtrusive fog lights. Interior of Camry can be compared with an office of a director of a large firm. A soft sofa, on which you can easily put your leg up, refined finishing of armchairs and many other pleasant little things. An undoubted advantage is a sufficiently large trunk.

Toyota Camry vs Toyota RAV4Acceleration time to 100 km/h is an attractive 10.4 seconds. The top speed of the Camry will also leave no one indifferent - 210 km/h. This is more than enough to feel like a king of the road. Suspension of the machine is excellent in the city. But clearance is still too small to move on cross-country and unpaved roads. The car is simply not designed for it.

Features of the Toyota RAV4

This car is the father of all crossovers. It was released back in 1994. From the very beginning, car enthusiasts around the world were interested in this car, just as now everyone respected and appreciated the quality of the Toyota brand.

Toyota Camry vs Toyota RAV4The modern models of the Rav 4 are equipped with 2 and 2.5 liter engines. Both pull the car well, but the 2.5-liter version will be the key to driving confidently on rough terrain and off-road. Resource Toyota engines are designed for more than 100 thousand kilometers, this is evidenced by the quality of construction and numerous reviews of buyers. But do not forget that when you buy a smaller volume engine, its durability will be inferior to its more powerful version, because of the greater spinning of the engine to increase speed.

The exterior of the crossover can be called sporty, in fact not in vain it is most often chosen by young people for outdoor activities. The interior of the car looks quite laconic, but it lacks luxury, because it costs more than 23 thousand dollars. But it has a great functionality, which is also a large number of buttons. RAV 4 interior does not have good noise and vibration insulation.

Toyota Camry vs Toyota RAV4Speeds are as follows: acceleration to 100 km / h in 12.2 seconds, the maximum speed of 185 km / h, with just the diesel, gasoline performance at 5 kilometers less.

The highlight of Toyota RAV 4 is the ground clearance, it is 200 mm, which contributes to greater permeability of the car and the convenience of parking. On dirt roads and off-road, the crossover feels great, perfectly copes with the suspension and excellent performance of the shock absorbers.

Comparison and differences between Toyota Camry and Toyota RAV 4

The common features of these cars as such do not exist, except that the car brand and country of the manufacturer, which has declared itself as a reliable and honest supplier of quality foreign cars.

Distinguishing features of these cars are many. The most noticeable difference between these models is their body type, the Camry is a sedan and the RAV 4 is an SUV. RAV 4 has 40 mm more ground clearance than the Camry, which gives a big advantage when driving on bad roads. Note that the sedan's highway consumption is 8, while the SUV's is 8.3. The Camry has only front-wheel drive, while the RAV 4 has both front and all-wheel drive, which gives confidence in snowfall, icy conditions, and off-roading. The quality of details is the same, so the prices for these cars are the same, too.

The convenience inside the interior of these cars is different. The RAV 4 has more comfortable front seats, and the Camry on the contrary - rear. Both cars have rear view cameras, which are excellent for parking. The interior of the Camry looks somewhat more attractive than that of the RAV 4.

In different generations and configurations, the volume and power of the engine in these cars are different. The crossover has a maximum capacity of only 2.5 liters, and the Camry has 3.5. It can be concluded that those who like to drive should pay attention to the sedan.

Toyota Camry vs Toyota RAV4What to choose Toyota RAV 4 or Camry?

If there is a choice between a Toyota RAV 4 and Camry, then you need to determine for what purposes will be purchased vehicle. For city trips it will be more convenient for the driver to park and maneuver in a more compact car. Especially since the crossover's turning radius is 5.1 meters, and the sedan's is 5.5 meters. When travelling long distances on a flat road, it will be more reasonable to choose the Camry, because it has lower consumption and better dynamics. When driving on bad pavement will behave better RAV 4, as it has all-wheel drive and better geometric capability, as well as its ground clearance is 4 cm more than the Camry.

The crossover attracts more women because of its size and maneuverability. More and more often girls can be found behind the wheel of the Raf 4. While the Camry is mainly driven by men.

There is more space in the cabin of Toyota Camry, therefore, the car will be more promising for people with a family. The trunk of RAV 4 is bigger by 70 liters, as well as it has a hands-free opening function.

Maximum speed Camry is 210 km / h, which is 25 km / h more than the RAV 4, however, this factor is not particularly important for families.

Technical specifications of these vehicles are approximately the same, they differ only in the intended operating conditions.

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