Lexus ES250 2022 | Better to take a German premium sedan than the equivalent Toyota Camry 2022

Lexus ES250 2022 | Better to take a German premium sedan than the equivalent Toyota Camry 2022

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The premiere of the updated Lexus ES of the seventh generation in Europe took place relatively recently and it has aroused genuine interest in many people. In fact, why not, in fact, the car costs considerably cheaper than many competitors. Besides it possesses uncommon design and rich equipment. Besides, it is Toyota. As it is known, products of this concern are notable for their durability and relative simplicity. However, I would not buy Lexus ES and would prefer a German business sedan as its replacement. Further I will tell about everything in details and explain my position. So, let's see.

Lexus ES250 2022 | Better to take a German premium sedan than the equivalent Toyota Camry 2022

This Lexus ES, to be honest, is liked by many people. Japanese have finally understood that people need modern technologies and design, if it comes to the premium segment. Thus Germans have caught the essence of it for a long time and it is necessary to admit that they have had great success.

Lexus ES 2022.

There is nothing to pick on regarding appearance. Japanese model flaunts with narrowed LED headlights of matrix type, massive radiator grill with large cells, expressed enough edges, lifted stern and accurate spoiler and a lid of a luggage compartment.

If we talk about the interior, there is a lot to admire. Let's say that the central console is decorated by a small analog clock, which are well combined with widescreen monitor multimedia and entertainment system and a number of control buttons for climate control and audio system.

In terms of space in the cabin, Lexus ES is one of the leaders of the class. Let's say that three people can easily be seated on the sofa of the second row even in case of large build. Thus, there is enough space for legs even if you are two meters tall. It is quite good, especially if to take into account the fact that the owner of such car can move from behind.

Lexus ES250 2022 | Better to take a German premium sedan than the equivalent Toyota Camry 2022

Lexus ES 2022.

As for the price, it ranges fromĀ 21 000 to 22 000 USD. To be honest, the price of the car will be cheaper than the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. However, I do not consider the low cost of the Lexus ES an advantage, and now I will explain why I would not buy such a Japanese car.

I consider the main reason of it is that Lexus ES VII is the coplatformer of Toyota Camry XV70 and these cars share a common aggregate base. Thus, basic elements of a suspension and the power unit of cars are equal. Thus, Lexus ES has got only the engine for 2.5 liters of 200 horsepowers without any alternative, whereas the variant for 3.5 liters is not available to it, in principle.

And here a question arises, and why I need the ES250 in base if it is possible to buy a top-of-the-range Camry 3.5? Toyota Camry 3.5 will be not only faster, but also richer equipped, even if its design will be less pretentious. And that brings us to the second reason, actually.

The Audi A6 2022.

Namely, I believe that a business sedan should have an optimal balance between austerity and avant-garde. Lexus ES 2022 has this balance broken. No, I have no claims to the appearance, but the interior has digital dashboard with sports design - it is not LC sports car to try to flirt with a driver, but only comfortable and family sedan.

Probably, for these two reasons I would not prefer Lexus ES250. My favorite in this class is Audi A6. The car combines in itself both technologies, comfort and excellent design. Thus it costs at a level of Lexus ES.

And what would you prefer when choosing a model from the premium segment?

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