Toyota Camry 2020: the updated look of the legendary business sedan

Toyota Camry 2020: the updated look of the legendary business sedan

One of the most popular business sedans for several decades in many countries around the world is the Toyota Camry. The favorite of car enthusiasts has undergone another restyling, in the course of which it was noticeably updated in a number of indicators. Toyota Camry 2020 has significantly improved its appearance, becoming even more similar to its "older" brother - Lexus, has gained a new, even more comfortable interior and improved under-hood characteristics. It is also good that the cost of the novelty, though slightly increased in comparison with the previous generation, has remained in quite affordable price limits.

Toyota Camry 2020For the new model, a futuristic-looking body is prepared, making the car even more stylish and aggressive. Even in the photo it is noticeable that the relief, air intakes and smaller decorative elements repeat what has already been used by designers of the Japanese company on Lexus cars, but do not copy them entirely. As expected, the most part of innovations has gone to the front end. It became more brutal and aggressive at the same time. The muzzle became a little bit longer, but is located lower and smoothly lowers to the beginning, thanks to which the driver retains an excellent overview of the situation around the car.


The hood lid of the Toyota Camry 2020 is almost all filled with relief in the form of smooth waves. Immediately below it is a stylish "tick" air intake with thin glossy strips inside, of which the mesh is "woven". In the middle of this whole construction is a big chrome company's nameplate. On the sides of the radiator grille stretched headlights are located, Japanese "squint" of which became even more obvious. Already in the base they are xenon, and the richer options will receive LEDs.


The lower part of the bumper contains the main air intake element. It is made in the form of a huge polygonal slot and contains a large number of black stripes, forming a grid. For an additional fee, small fog lights can be installed, and the rest of the place is essentially a combination of a variety of relief.
Toyota Camry 2020The profile of the new body does not carry a pronounced aggression and it can be called, rather, solid. A considerable role in this image is given to the huge windows, which represent here a geometric figure well-known to fans of the brand. As if in contrast to them the thinnest chrome frame acts. Narrow, but nice glossy pseudo-pillars will be habitual to put between glasses, visually making the car a little bit higher. Just under all this there is small number of smooth transitions and approximately the same amount of discreet chopped relief. At the very bottom there is skirt, "honed" for sports, and also slightly increased wheel arches. Bright door handles and oval rear-view mirrors with turn signal repeaters complete the look.
Toyota Camry 2020The stern now looks much angrier than before. Like the lion's share of business sedans, it is short and slightly sloped backwards. The stylish boot lid has a modest overhang on the rear edge and a miniature black spoiler that improves the car's roadholding. Below it there are fanciful triangles of "dimensions" which as though cut into chopped relief and are added with chrome badges. Even lower is not a very large dodger, which, however, has a place for interesting fog lamps, two pairs of exhaust pipes on both sides of the bumper, as well as a small, but eye-catching diffuser.

Toyota Camry 2020The changes in the interior of the car are no less noticeable than on the outside. First of all, this is due to the fact that the new Toyota Camry 2020 model year has received even more quality trim, which uses real leather of excellent quality, soft plastic and even inserts made of metal and wood. Seriously refreshed multimedia, which has become not only visually pleasing, but also got an abundance of options that facilitate the driver and passengers, even long trips.

Monitoring and controlling devices

The dashboard has become much more interesting, and now is quite different from what can be seen in other cars of a similar class. Closer to the center of the torpedo there is a modest, barely noticeable ledge, in outline strongly resembling a triangle, which includes a large display, controlled by touch, a dozen of physical keys around it, as well as air ducts.

 Toyota Camry 2020At the bottom of the triangle begins a tunnel, not the widest and tallest, but possessing a notch for wireless charging of the gadget, a technical block headed by the gear selector, as well as a huge number of compartments for non-large things.

Seats and luggage compartment

The seats can definitely be credited to the creators of the car. In all cases, they will be covered with leather, contain a soft filling inside and have a comfortable shape. The list of additional options will impress even the demanding motorist. It includes: heating and ventilation of each seat, electric drive of driver and front passenger seats, and the ability to tilt the back of the rear sofa. Engineers did not forget about a separate air conditioning system for the second row.

 Toyota Camry 2020The trunk is also quite decent: nearly 500 liters of volume will allow not only to travel around the city, but also to go on long family trips!

Toyota Camry 2020The Toyota Camry 2020 will be powered exclusively by gasoline engines. The initial variant will be a two-liter unit capable of developing 150 "horses". A little more interesting are the characteristics of the 2.5-liter engine, which already produces 180 horsepower. For the top versions there is a 3,5-liter unit which capacity will make 249 horsepowers. Each power-unit is provided with an automatic transmission, but the first two variants assume a six-speed automatic transmission, and the most powerful - an eight-speed.


As the test drive has shown, the car is quite good in terms of acceleration and driving, but you have to pay for it with increased fuel consumption.

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